Hupmobile was an automobile built from 1909 through 1939 by the Hupp Motor Car Company. The prototype was developed in 1908[1] and had its first successful run on November 8 with investors aboard for champagne at the Tuller Hotel a few blocks away.[2] The company was incorporated in November of that year. The first Hupmobile model, the "Hupp 20" was introduced at the 1909 Detroit automobile show. It was an instant success. Robert Craig "Bobby" Hupp, a former employee of Oldsmobile and Ford, founded the company.

Robert C. Hupp was an engineer who worked with Ransom Eli Olds and Henry Ford before setting up his own car company in November 1909. His first product, developed with help from several colleagues he hired away from Olds, was the Model 20, a little 16.9-horsepower four-cylinder job on an 86-inch wheelbase. Hupp priced it at a modest $750, a full $75 below Ford's recently introduced Model T. With features like high-tension magneto and two-speed sliding-gear transmission, this first Hupmobile garnered 1618 sales. By 1913, Hupp production was over 12,000

For 1932, Hupp series codes indicated model year and wheelbase. That year's B-216 thus rode a 116-inch wheelbase; it also carried a new 75-bhp 228.1-cid engine. Hupp now secured the services of designer Raymond Loewy, who styled the eight-cylinder F-222 and I-226 with tire-hugging, cycle-type fenders; Vee'd radiators; sloped windshields; and chrome wheel discs. Fs had 250.7- or 261.5-cid engines with about 95 bhp. A 103-bhp, 279.9-cid unit powered the I-models. These graceful, handsome cars (issued after a brief run of "first-series" '31 carry-overs) won many awards for Loewy but few sales for Hupp, and production dropped again, this time to just under 10,500.

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